Wholesale Discount Code
05.10.2022 | Coodeals |

Discount Code and Instructions for Use:

1. Discount Coupon Model

20% off with Coodeals5 when order 300£ or more

(Discount Code:Coodeals5)

23% off with Coodeals8 when order 500£ or more

(Discount Code:Coodeals8)

25% off with Coodeals10 when order 1000£ or more

(Discount Code:Coodeals10)


2. Independent Wholesale Model

We will have special cooperation models and discounts for wholesale diamond paintings.
There are two ways:
1. Regardless of any picture, order more than 200 pieces.
2. For a single picture, order more than 50 pieces per picture.

(Please private message us:support@coodeals.com)


Wholesale Discount Code